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Infrared and Convection Drying/Curing Systems

Spandrel Glass – Dryers are available for both ceramic inks and well as (*)Opaci-CoatTM coatings. We can supply auxiliary equipment such as Roller Coaters, washers and glass conveyors. Convection Heat Soak ovens are also available.

Automotive – Dryers are used to cure obscuration bands and back lite silver paste in automotive applications. Ink firing ovens are available both in batch and continuous styles.

Specialty Equipment – We can supply custom designed equipment for a variety of specialized applications such as drying/curing/firing coatings on CRT's and television picture tubes, LCD displays, touch screens, solar collectors and more.

Screen Printers – Available for architectural, appliance, and automotive applications. We can supply the washer, screen printer, Dryer and glass handling equipment.


Infrared-Air Dryer
Infrared-Air Dryer


Infrared Dryer
Infrared Dryer



Infrared Heating System
Infrared Heating System

Laminating Systems

Architectural – Safety glass and hurricane resistant lay-ups can be manufactured using our proven laminating technologies. With our ovens, presses, conveyors and auxiliary equipment we will have you up and running in a matter of hours after startup and commissioning. We can supply complete lines including washers, autoclaves, PVB unwinding and auxiliary glass handling equipment.

Security – Security and bulletproof lay-ups of 2 inches or more are easily manufactured using Radiant Energy's proven laminating technologies.

Automotive – Our automotive laminating equipment includes preheat and tacking ovens, vacuum ovens and wicket ovens for windshields.


Bending Sytems  

Architectural – Bending systems are available in single station (1 cart), shuttle (2 carts) and multiple station configurations. All bending stations are available in single zone or multi zone styles. Using our PLC software you will be able to generate an individual recipe for each part number. Heater zones will be varied over time in order to produce the required bend profile. Zones can be turned up over critical bend areas at the best time in the process, automatically. Programmable, mould mounted crease heaters are available for those especially difficult bends.

Automotive – single station, shuttle and multi-zone benders are used for aftermarket windshields, bulletproof car sets, bus and truck windshields and other transportation industry glass. Again, the PLC software stores the required recipes for consistent, repeatable results.

Furniture – Our benders are also suitable for bending furniture glass, display case glass, and other large shapes. Contact our office for the best value based on your particular size requirements and production rate.



Control Systems  

Control systems are available to suit every application and budget. From simple ramp/soak controllers to multi-zone, recipe driven PLC systems, we have the engineers that can design the system for you…the way you want it.


Radiant Energy Systems has the experience, technology, and engineering staff to insure that you receive a system which will give you excellent results and good value. Contact us for the best value for all your glass processing machinery needs.

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