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Through-Air Dryers

Through Air Dryers and Cure Ovens offer extremely high heat transfer rates to reduce equipment size by up to 10 times that of conventional methods.

Radiant Energy Systems offers a unique flatbed Through air dryer design that is used to process a wide range of products. The Through Air method is ideal for curing, heat setting, co-polymer bonding and fusing as well as drying of hydroentangled webs and a wide variety of non-woven and woven substrates. Through Air dryers can increase line speeds as well as the finished product look and feel.

The Radiant Energy Systems flatbed Through Air design adapts easily to width variations with an operator friendly, exclusive, edge deckle design that can be manually set or automated to allow for shrinkage of some materials.

Our systems come complete and can be supplied with a wide variety of control options to enhance and simplify the operation. Typical uniformity is +/- 2º F and precisely controlled air flow for constant, repeatable performance.

Radiant Energy Systems Flat bed Through Air dryers can be supplied with Electric, Gas or Steam heating systems and all equipment is designed to fully conform to OSHA, NFPA, NEC and are designed to meet industrial insurance requirements.


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