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About Radiant Energy

Industrial Oven & Dryer Manufacturer

Corporate Overview

Radiant Energy Systems is proud to been at the forefront in the design and manufacture of high quality process heating systems utilizing the latest in infrared and hot air drying and curing technology. Our engineers and design professionals employ their extensive capabilities to provide you with creative, energy-efficient solutions for your heat processing needs.

Radiant Energy Systems has been the leader in offering a complete range of electrical and gas powered heating systems that do not merely conform to the highest standards, but define those standards today.  Our unique approach of carefully assessing each individual customer’s needs and custom tailoring the equipment to satisfy those requirements has resulted in a long list of satisfied customers and a history of steady growth for the company.


Radiant Energy Systems’ team of engineers are experienced in all phases of heating system production including heaters and controls, integration of various heating sources into specific drying applications, and the cost-effective construction of complete heating systems.

We maintain a laboratory with a full range of heat sources to evaluate different approaches to drying and curing under varying conditions.  The extra time spent in research and development results in innovative and economical ways to improve the quality of our products and yours.  Radiant Energy Systems also has units available for testing at production sites, available through our rental program.


Radiant Energy Systems has experience in meeting the needs of a broad range of industries.  Applications include paper, printing, textiles, non-woven products, liquid coating, powder coating, adhesives, laminating, thermoforming and annealing.  We will continue to provide excellent process heating solutions for today’s industrial needs, and for the challenges of tomorrow.

Research - Design - Manufacture - Install - Support

we go well beyond merely meeting the spec. Our team carefully assesses the needs of each client and project to custom design a solution that not only meets requirements but also solves problems and optimizes the process. Our customer centric approach and excellent value for your capital Dollar ensures our continued growth.

Process Heating Solutions since 1985